Spaces EP

by Just A Ride

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    First demo of the band, from indie rock to post-rock.
    All tracks recorded by Dedo Lorenzi at Dedolor Recording Studio in Turate, IT, except for track 5, recorded by Andrea Corsi at EMIT recording studio in Milan, IT.

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released January 22, 2010

Sounds and words processed and proffered by Just A Ride.
Manuel Carminati, vocals and guitar;
Matteo Luperto, lead guitar and keyboard;
Corrado Monti, bass and synth;
Riccardo Mazzoleni, drums.

Thanks to Dedo Lorenzi, Sound Engineer at Dedolor Recording Studio and Andrea Corsi.

Cover art taken from by Gualtiero Bertoldi.




Just A Ride Saronno, Italy

Just a band from Milan, IT since 2010.

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Track Name: Positive Menace
Track Name: Generation Y
Sitting at the disco I see everybody moves
But no one’s gonna stop to keep the rhythm to the groove
And noise and sweat and lights and there is no way to think
That we are all confused, depressed and such other things

Too young for generation X
Not yet a generation Z
We’re trapped in Generation Y
Full of if and short of time
Too young for generation X
Not yet a generation Z
We’re trapped in Generation Y
Seven days a week of garbage time

Dancing to commercial all of you do the same
‘Cause all the words you use, the clothes you wear are the same
“Now everyone stand up and let’s go to the dance floor”
Hey man, I was trying to find something to fight for

We live in gods and towers’ war
Although they say the well has won
Been in clubs? Been on drugs? What if the world collapsed?
Am I the only one that knows about the black?
Japan and the States are only bytes away
But you keep worshipping this playlist
Smilies look good only on MSN?
I got a different view: go check on
We’ve drunk the fourth consecutive glass
Both of us suffer from the same complex
I’m not so sure to state I’m right
But you should follow me this life
Track Name: Travel
I keep running from any good action
‘Cause it’s easy to seek a salvation
I keep running in any direction
‘Cause I find on the road inspiration

Anyone here
Is leaving me without
Frankly, my dear
I’d sleep underneath a bridge
Echoes burnt bright
My laughter in pubs at night
Glimpse out of sight
What means of these words tonight

Anywhere else
Travel with me my dear

I still can’t remember
Where’s the end of the road
But I’m on it since May or December
And I’ll walk till my mind will surrender
Track Name: Skeptic Al
Walk head down
Never frown
Just keep stats
Be a skeptic, Al.

Buy a car
Buy a gun
It’s the same
Be rabid, Al.

Just have sex
Just eat fats
Be rational.

Be skeptical
Be a skeptic, Al.

I can feel the noise inside your bones, that aching joy that pulls and grinds, and there is only to unleash the worst of you, the worst of me
‘cause every part of me and you is made of merely cruel beast and what forbids us to come clean is just a slightly less mere thing
we were all bred in from the birth, just like your name, you had no choice, it should prevent you from the void, but have you ever seen it through?
So will you stand up from the dirt and dust collected in your room in years of decent common sense, when you were smiling and said yes?
When you were smiling and said yes…

Walk head down
Never frown
Just have sex
Just eat fats
Buy a car
Buy a gun
Be rational
Be a skeptic, Al
Track Name: Based on Fear
(Sample taken from Bill Hicks' "Relentless", 1991)

Remember? A few years ago, if you played albums backwards there were satanic messages.
Let me tell you something: if you ever sat around playing your albums backwards… YOU ARE SATAN. Don't look any further and don't go ruin my stereo to prove a fucking point.
"Come here, listen listen"
"Can you hear that?"
"Satan is the lord, Satan is the lord?"
"Come here, it's crystal clear, check this out!"
"It's almost like he's in the room or something"
"AH YOU ARE SATAN! Satan, destroyer of needles, ruiner of stereos. I am Satan and I have come to destroy high fidelity music, you will all listen to 8-tracks. Ah the deceiver!"

'Cause I have news for you, I live in the States, a very puritanical place, filled with superstition and ancient, ANCIENT religions that no longer serve their function on this planet because they are based on fear instead of love.

(Ok? Did you hear that correctly?)
Track Name: Freedom of Speech
Please take my hand and a breath within
Don’t turn around, there’s no way you can leave
Have you ever felt like this before?
Hairdo now matters, breathing no more
People most care of the clothes you wear
People won’t care of the words you proffer.

We need to reach
Freedom of speech
Be wise to reach
Your freedom of speech.

What do you think of working class?
You’d better think they’re crap not to cause a mess
Insulting people, spiting on food
Kids will all fit in man’s brotherhood
They say they’ll never be racist
They only hate those coming from east.

What do you think of higher class?
You’d better think they’re crap not to cause a mess
Never produce your true profit
‘Cause they’re starving to argue on it
Don’t you have money, but be rich!
People I need my freedom of speech.
Track Name: Boxing Champion
The wind blows the same direction
Though his fist wants to take it on
Today he can’t even make out right or wrong.

The sky is a sinking blanket
Under whom he just needs to hide
Now he’s a boxing champion out of fight.

But every cloud ignores his words
Too many ghosts to gaze towards
This time no one will be on your road
Lonely, roam…

The ring, undisputed kingdom
Of your fruitful and long career
Suddenly leaves you breathless, gonging here.

The honors and fame collected
Through your vainglorious way of life
Where are your boxing gloves, now they lie.

Where are the chants of all your world?
No one will chase you or ask for more
Silence is the only place you’re left to go
What’s your role?